Choosing A Great Assisted Living Center

Choosing A Great Assisted Living Center

3 Tips After You Are Denied Medicaid

by Amanda Palmer

Medicaid can be the best possible healthcare option if your income is lower than average or you have a major disability. In most cases, being on Medicaid means that doctor appointments and medication are completely covered as long as they are medically necessary. If you checked that you meet the eligibility requirements but your Medicaid application was denied anyway, there are specific actions you should take immediately. Do not give up on your Medicaid application, but instead follow these tips:

Find a Medicaid Specialist in Your Area

Medicaid specialists are experts in the Medicaid application process. For a small fee, or sometimes for free if your state offers this service, you will have a Medicaid specialist look over your application materials, help you figure out why you were denied, and double check that you are indeed eligible. They can also help you file a letter appealing your Medicaid denial, and make sure that the letter is submitted correctly.

Your Medicaid specialist is up-to-date on ever-changing Medicaid regulations and requirements, so they can help make sure you are following all the necessary procedures and that your paperwork is in order.

Gather Your Documentation

Once your request for an appeal is received and processed, you will receive a reply in the mail. In most states, this will consist of a simple letter informing you of when and where your appeal meeting will take place. In some states, this will take place at an official government building, while in others you will be allowed to meet by phone instead.

In either case, you must have your documentation with you. This should include a copy of your original application and the denial letter, proof of income such as tax statements from the prior year, or proof of your disability if that is the reason you are applying for Medicaid. Your Medicaid specialist will advise you on how best to organize your documentation.

Do Not Miss Your Appeal Meeting

If you miss your appeal meeting, even for good reason, your chances of getting approved for Medicaid are diminished. Treat this like a court date that can not be missed. This may mean scheduling time off from work, arranging for childcare, or arranging for transportation to the appeal meeting. You will feel much less nervous if you make these arrangements ahead of time.

By following these Medicaid tips you will regain control over your Medicaid application process and improve your odds of your second application being approved.


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Choosing A Great Assisted Living Center

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