Choosing A Great Assisted Living Center

Choosing A Great Assisted Living Center

Reasons To Select An Assisted Living Home That Has Community Pets

by Amanda Palmer

Some assisted living homes allow residents to move in with their own pets, while others take a completely different approach to pets — they offer community pets. In other words, the home itself owns the pets, but they roam freely for the enjoyment of the residents. If you're an animal lover, you might wish to seek out such a facility if you're starting to look at assisted living homes to which you may relocate. Here are some reasons that you'll appreciate choosing a home that offers community pets.

You Can Enjoy Some Responsibility

One of the adjustments that many people experience upon moving into assisted living is losing many of their responsibilities. For example, you no longer need to clean and cook. If you're feeling as though you don't want to be devoid of all responsibilities, community pets can be the answer. Residents are often able to walk dogs, brush cats, and perform other similar tasks to these animals, which can make you feel happy that you're contributing in a positive manner. Unlike actually owning a pet, however, your responsibility doesn't have to be constant. If you don't feel like caring for one of the pets on a given day, you don't need to.

They Provide Comfort

There's no questioning the high degree of comfort and companionship that animals provide, and this can especially be valuable in an assisted living home. You may have to move to this form of accommodation after a loved one has passed away, which may leave you feeling lonely and sad. Although you'll soon form bonds with your fellow residents, it's always comforting to be able to sit on a couch with a cat cuddling on your lap, or taking a ball and playing fetch with a dog in the grass outside.

They Can Encourage Visitors

Getting visits from family members is always exciting when you live in assisted living. This is especially true when your grandchildren come to visit, as their presence will likely brighten your day. You may find that the presence of pets at the assisted living home encourages your family and grandchildren to visit more. While your grandkids will likely be excited to see you, they may also be enthused to see the cats and dogs, and may constantly ask their parents when they'll be coming to visit you. Many assisted living facilities have community pets, so be sure to check this detail as you assess different facilities.


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Choosing A Great Assisted Living Center

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