Choosing A Great Assisted Living Center

Choosing A Great Assisted Living Center

Five Things That Can Make It Easier For A Senior To Get Used To Assisted Living

by Amanda Palmer

Relocating to an assisted living facility is a major life change for any senior. As a family member or loved one of a senior citizen, you can help to make this change easier and facilitate the transition.

The following are five things that can make it easier for a senior to get used to assisted living:

Schedule a few visits to the assisted living facility before the actual move

You should be able to visit the facility as many times as you want with your senior family member or loved one before the move, and it's always a good idea to do so at least a few times.

During visits, seniors can get to know their way around the facility, make friends, and become familiar with the staff. This will make transitioning easier and more familiar when the move finally takes place. 

Get the whole family involved in the transition

Having familiar faces around during the move is going to be very helpful for a senior transitioning into assisted living.

You should get the entire family together as well as any friends. Moving into assisted living generally requires a big downsizing effort, so it takes a lot of work. Get as much help as possible to help both yourself and your senior loved one to deal with the move. 

Adequately research before making any decisions about assisted living facilities

You need to find an assisted living facility where you can be confident that your loved one is going to feel comfortable. Do your research and find a place that offers the medical care and services your senior loved one needs.

You can research online and by asking residents any questions that are pertinent to your loved one's needs. You can also ask the staff members questions and carefully consider any visitation rules to evaluate each assisted living facility. 

Encourage your family member or loved one to get involved with social and recreational activities

Every assisted living facility has a schedule of activities that new residents should take advantage of to adjust and to begin feeling at home as soon as possible.

Encourage your senior family member or loved one to participate in activities and get active in the community right after moving. 

Personalize living quarters at the assisted living facility to the greatest extent possible

Residents at assisted living facilities have the freedom to decorate and design their own living quarters. By personalizing living quarters to their liking with artwork, photographs, and more, new residents can make the transition to assisted living easier.    


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Choosing A Great Assisted Living Center

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