Choosing A Great Assisted Living Center

Choosing A Great Assisted Living Center

3 Questions To Ask A Senior Assisted Living Facility

by Amanda Palmer

If you have a loved one that is getting up in years, you may be concerned about this individual living alone. The challenges of getting older are many and this individual may not be able to do a number of things. One way to ease your mind and allow this person to have a higher quality of life may begin with putting your loved one in a senior assisted living facility. Of course, you will want to ask the right questions to ensure you choose the best location possible:

Question #1: What services do you provide?

Keep in mind there are varying levels of these types of facilities and some may offer more things than others. You will want to know if any or all of the services listed below are included in the cost:

  1. Meals – Will there be nutritious meals served on a daily basis?
  2. Medical care – Is there a medical team on staff that will attend to any minor medical concerns your loved one may have?
  3. Personal attention – Is bathing and other types of hygiene provided to individuals that can't do this?

Be sure to make a list of questions that you can ask when you arrive at this facility. Doing so can help you decide if this is the best place to put your aging loved one or not.

Question #2: What are the costs and do you take insurance?

Of course, one of the major concerns you may have is what the overall costs will be for relying on this facility. You will want to select a place that is affordable and fits into the budget.

It's also a great idea to inquire about insurance being accepted and letting the business department examine yours to ensure it will pay.

Question #3: Is there a waiting period?

You will want to know if you have to wait for any length of time to get your loved one placed in this type of facility. This can allow you to plan accordingly and prepare you in advance if there is a long wait.

Working to help elderly individuals in your life is sure to be appreciated and can make you both feel better in the long run. The key to making the transition to a better living location will start with being proactive in finding it. Be sure to consult with a nursing home or assisted living facility in your area today for any recommendations.

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Choosing A Great Assisted Living Center

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