Choosing A Great Assisted Living Center

Choosing A Great Assisted Living Center

How To Make Your Elderly Loved One Safe At Home

by Amanda Palmer

For many elderly people, independence is an utmost priority.  However, this can be a difficult balance to strike if you're concerned about them or if living alone is a new experience.  Check out these five tips on how to make your elderly loved one feel safe in their home:


When you're worried about an elderly loved one, you'll probably have the urge to check in with them constantly.  While this isn't healthy, scheduled check-ins are a great idea.  Tell your loved one that you will be calling every day at a certain time; that way they expect your call, and if they don't answer you have more cause for concern than if you had called randomly.  

In-Home Nursing Care

If you do have the urge to check-in constantly, hiring  in-home skilled nursing care can help.  You can schedule routine check-ins with your home health care provider. Having someone at the house can take the pressure off of you to physically stop by every day. Since an in-home nurse can administer some medical procedures, this can actually save you money and time on having to take your loved one to the doctor.  Plus, it's much more comfortable to receive health care at home.  

Smart Home Design

Whether your loved one is choosing to live with you or independently, you'll probably have to rethink home layout to make sure everything is safe.  Move any coffee tables or ottomans that may be easy to trip on or difficult to navigate around.  This project may actually require some remodeling to ensure that steps are safe and the bath tub is easy to get in and out of.

Slip Proof Mats and Rugs

One easy fix is to make sure that you're loved one can't slip on their rugs.  Purchase slip resistant surfaces to put underneath the rugs.  Shower time can be dangerous for the elderly.  To minimize these risks be sure to put a non-slip mat in the shower and bathtub.    

Spare Keys

An extra set of keys are an emergency necessity.  Not only will having an extra set of keys make check-ins easier, but it will ensure your loved one that someone has access to the house in case something happens.  If your loved one trips and can't answer the door, a spare set of keys could be a literal life saver. Plus, if there are any signs of cognitive impairment, you may find that your loved one misplaces their keys frequently. 

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Choosing A Great Assisted Living Center

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